3 Rules for Cleaning When You Get Distracted Easily

1. Work Quickly

I have found when I work quickly I am more likely to get my task done. This may seem obvious but it is worth mentioning. A sink full of dishes doesn’t have to take an hour to do.

2. Focus on ONE thing at a time

If I focus on  ONLY ONE STEP AT A TIME, for example, washing dishes (no wiping counters, gather dishes, etc.), I can wash a sink full in 10 minutes. Being focused does not mean that I do not step away when the children need me. It is all the better because if I am only doing one thing, I am more likely to remember exactly what I was working on when I return to my work when I am through attending to the children’s needs. So what if its an hour later? (I wish I was kidding sometimes)

3. Work your hardest, but let go of perfectionism

I find that when my goal is perfection, I set myself up for failure. Spoiler alert, nobody is perfect!! I can get so overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of things that can get done that I hardly make a dent in one project.  To combat this, I try to work extremely hard (on one task of course) for a certain amount of time. If I put in high intensity to whatever I am doing, I tend to find the end result extremely satisfying. It is better to focus on what you did do, instead of what you didn’t do.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

Praying for your health and wellbeing!


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