Dirt Cheap Eats

and healthy too!

We live on a very strict budget during the summers. Every year for the past seven years we live on savings and seasonal jobs during the hot months.  Therefore, I am always on a quest to find dirt cheap recipes. This can be challenging for the health obsessed foodie in me, as I value quality ingredients and usually, you get what you pay for.

Thankfully, I have come upon a method of preparing meals that has made a huge impact on our budget while only slightly inconveniencing our health goals.

Eat what you have on hand

Get creative!

Only shop the sales

Eat what you have on hand

This by far has made the largest difference in our budget. At the beginning of the week I pretend that I am living in a world where I have no access to a supermarket. Then I ask myself, what would you prepare your family if the ingredients on hand are all you had access to? Often times, there are many items that can be made with what you have or with a few items from the store. For example, I’ll run through my pantry with a head dialogue similar to this:

Oh look black beans and a few dried red beans

wonder if I have some chili powder…

yep, how about beef?

yep= chili

Oh look cornmeal…

do I have flour? yes.

salt? yes.

how bout eggs? no.

Get creative!

Could I make an egg substitute? yes! Flax seed meal+water

Cornbread with flax seed egg or 

Eggs go on the grocery list

It is essential that I make my grocery list with the foods in mind that I am preparing.

Also, I have to get out of my head the chili requires bell pepper, onion, and fresh garlic. If I don’t have it I do without!

Only shop the sales

My husband is great at this. He literally will buy the store out of a product that is at dirt cheap prices. I get embarrassed to do that much personally (One time he bought 60 lbs of grass fed beef from the supermarket) but shopping in this manner blesses your future self.

Remember only shop the staples that are essential to your diet and that you can store. But again be creative. For example, you can even make egg dishes that you can freeze. Expand your thinking beyond the things that are obvious. (frozen, cans, etc)

My Dirt Cheap Dinner

I had rice and beef made up for lunchtime. By dinner time there were enough leftovers for 2 people, but we needed to feed four! I searched the fridge and found zucchini and cheese. I chopped the zucchini into tiny pieces and melted cheese into the mixture. I also found an avocado which I mixed with some mayonnaise. Alas, we had a cabbage in the fridge. I threw all it together into a cabbage leaf and topped it with cilantro and jalapenos that were hiding in my veggie drawer. YUMMMMMM!

I don’t know what to call this but it was amazing.

Praying for your health and wellbeing!


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