10 Simple & Purposeful (No fuss!) Advent Ideas For Families

We are 4 days into advent now. Wow how did that happen? Often at this time of the year I get the feeling of being “behind”. (Gotta catch up on my Jesse tree readings, gotta read our daily advent book, gotta do that craft, do our daily prayers and so on and so on.) but…

NOT THIS YEAR. Not. This. Year. 

I decided that THIS Advent will not be my time for stress or anxiety. This Advent I will intentionally focus on what is truly meaningful. Our family came up with a simple prayer to say this season:

 “Dear Lord, I love you with all my heart, please help me remember what this season is all about.”

I want to remember that Jesus “became little” for us all, that it’s not about who does the best and the most but instead about allowing God to do the work in our lives. It is more about our YES to Him than any Advent practice we could come up with. I want to remember to mirror Jesus’ “little-ness” we see in the nativity with humility so that my soul can be a vessel for Gods grace. 

But what about “all the things”? 

A friend of mine compared all the good that we can do in our Liturgical year to a buffet…

When we go to a buffet we see many delicious foods and curate a dish of our favorites until there is no longer anymore room on our plates. Like a buffet with many options, The Catholic Church is abundant in all the things offered for us to enhance our spiritual lives. There’s the First we put on our plates the essentials (big T Tradition) then we get to add the extras. Once our plate is full, we go sit down and enjoy it. 

BUT, on the way to the table we see OTHER PEOPLES’ plates, we see things we may have overlooked and things that look really delicious. Suddenly we can get this sense of missing out or being behind if our plate doesn’t look like our neighbor’s. This makes it more difficult to eat the food in front of us in gratitude and joy. 

This Advent, I have decided to focus less on what I’m piling on my plate and more on enjoying what is actually on it. I’m also focusing on being mindful that I don’t put too much on it. I’m keeping it SIMPLE. Watch the video below for some of my ideas.

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