10 Simple & Purposeful (No fuss!) Advent Ideas For Families

We are 4 days into advent now. Wow how did that happen? Often at this time of the year I get the feeling of being “behind”. (Gotta catch up on my Jesse tree readings, gotta read our daily advent book, gotta do that craft, do our daily prayers and so on and so on.) but…Continue reading “10 Simple & Purposeful (No fuss!) Advent Ideas For Families”

3 Rules for Cleaning When You Get Distracted Easily

1. Work Quickly I have found when I work quickly I am more likely to get my task done. This may seem obvious but it is worth mentioning. A sink full of dishes doesn’t have to take an hour to do. 2. Focus on ONE thing at a time If I focus on  ONLY ONEContinue reading “3 Rules for Cleaning When You Get Distracted Easily”

What I’ve Learned: Weight Loss after 4 Babies

Misconceptions- When I was younger someone told me that after you have a baby, your belly never returns to it’s pre pregnancy size. Years later, after my second child was born I met a mom of three with six pack abs so I knew it just wasn’t true. Why do women feel as if theyContinue reading “What I’ve Learned: Weight Loss after 4 Babies”

What is God’s [UNLIMITED] plan for your life?

I stood there in line, nervous and shaking from the inside out. As I got closer and closer to the confessional my heart pounded a little louder, my feet feeling heavier and heavier. “What is going on?” I thought to myself. I’m usually never nervous to go to confession. Perhaps it was because my typicalContinue reading “What is God’s [UNLIMITED] plan for your life?”

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